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About Us

BEE D.O.O. was inaugurated as a travel agency specializing in the management of destinations to Bosnia. The grand opening ceremony was held in the capital Sarajevo, where the new headquarters of the company is located, senior officials from Bosnia and Herzegovina and ambassadors from several countries attended.

The new company specializes in destination management and aims to provide an unforgettable experience for holidaymakers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The focus is on delivering unique services. As the company coordinates travel and accommodation bookings and secure and convenient transportation for individuals or families in different cities of Bosnia.

BEE also plays a major role in real estate and investment consultancy and is considered one of the leading Arab companies in the field of activating growth in the field of tourism and real estate investment market in Bosnia by playing the role of the main coordinator of many real estate and economic investments in many Bosnian cities.

The company plays a key role in linking investors, owners of the capital and the Bosnian government, facilitating the necessary procedures for the establishment of various commercial projects, marketing properties for those wishing to own them in Bosnia and facilitating the required requirements for ownership

Goal: Our strategy is to consider the customer as a guest and friend and be the best support to build any investment idea andturn it into a successful reality.

Contact information:

 +387 62 553 716
+387 63 398 855

Whatsapp:  +966541721699


Džemala Bijedića 185/10, Sarajevo