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Why invest in Bosnia?


  • The inflation rate of 5%, which makes it a country with one of the lowest inflation rates in the region
  • The growth rate of 5% per annum, which makes it one of the fastest growing economies in the region
  • Bosnia possesses a stable currency that is anchored to Euro
  • Bosnia is one of the candidate countries to join the World Trade Organization and the European Union
  • Advanced banking sector in Bosnia
  • Income tax is set at 10%, which is comparatively very low

Factors encouraging investment in Bosnia

  • Advantages:
  • 1. Huge capital is not necessary
  • 2. Those projects provide products and services for mid-income class of society.
  • 3. Limited use of labor
  • Government criteria for encouraging foreign investment in Bosnia

The government in Bosnia is encouraging foreign investors, enacting laws to ease the investment process and assists financing institutions through:

  • Creation of free trade zone
  • Equal treatment of domestic and foreign investors
  • Protecting investors from dangers of nationalization and confiscation of property

Special benefits for foreign investors:

  • Foreign investor is exempted from paying customs fees on the investment
  • He has the right to open up a bank account in any commercial bank in Bosnia, in any currency, domestic or foreign
  • Foreign investor has the right to carry out financial transactions of any sum and any currency from the investment profit
  • Foreign investor has the same property rights as the domestic one.
  • The right to employ foreign workers in accordance to labor laws in Bosnia


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