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6 Nights In Bosnia and Herzegovina

Day 1

Arrival to Sarajevo. Check-in at the hotel of the selected category.

Short walk through the historical core of Sarajevo. Find out basic historical, geographical and climate information about the city. Learn how to get around the narrow streets of the Old town and find out which are the main areas which host city’s cultural and nightlife.

Evening is reserved for a dinner in a traditional Bosnian restaurant.

Day 2

After breakfast join us on our Times of Misfortune Tour . Find out what it was like to live without food, water, electricity, gas, how the children were going to school and what was the cultural and sports life. Upon arrival at the Tunnel Museum, you’ll pass through 20 m of the original tunnel and see the movie about the war in Sarajevo upon which the guide will explain the role of the tunnel during the siege, its construction, use method and will happily answer all your questions.

Once back to the town, let’s make a short Bosnian coffee break that is going to be a great introduction into the tasty afternoon and our Eat, Pray, Love Tour .

Let’s discover together City Hall, National Library, Bravadžiluk and Kazandžiluk streets of the old handcrafts which have existed in Sarajevo since 15th century, Baščaršija – the heart of the Ottoman rule, caravan sarays and much more. The best part of the tour are gastro tests. The first one – ćevapi (small grilled rolls of minced beef, lamb or mixed in half pita bread), the second one – different kinds of pies and the most popular one – Bosnian aphrodisiac baklava (flaky pastry with a filling of nuts, drenched in sugar syrup or honey). Go figure why Sarajevo is called “European Jerusalem” and what makes this city so unique. Discover the line between two worlds– Eastern and Western.

Diner in one of the traditional local restaurants.

Day 3

After breakfast departure to Herzegovina. First stop will be in Jablanica, town depicted in the Orson Well’s movie The Battle of Neretva. We continue further to Počitelj, the precious gem of architecture where Orient meets Mediterranean. Narrow and steep streets will take you to the top of the town, to a fortress which overlooks the Neretva River delta and all surrounding roads. You will enjoy the scenery of the precious canyon of the Neretva river as well as Mostar and its rich historical heritage.

Day 4

The day starts with a trip to the small, historical city of Travnik is located at Bosnia’s geographical center on the Lašva River and flanked by the imposing mountains of Vlasic to the north and Vilenica to the south. This favorable geographic position so it became residence of early Ottoman rulers whose influence on the city’s culture and heritage is still evident today. The ancient fortress which defended the city for centuries still dominates the cityscape, while the 15th century Old Town area is remarkably well preserved with its oriental homes, Colored mosque, two clock towers, fountains, Ivo Andrić museum, Plava voda …

After Travnik, we go to Jajce, a magnificent town with rich cultural and architectural heritage, with a mesmerizing, hilltop citadel looming over a spiral of old Ottoman homes and other historic buildings, an ancient Roman temple and the medieval St Luke’s Church. Jajce is also famous for its spectacular high waterfalls which descend over a 20 meter high at the point where the Pliva River meets the Vrbas Vrbas

Return in the afternoon. Free evening.

Day 5

Originally a town which was one of the main centers for money minting during the Roman Rule. Today, Srebrenica is a small town in southeast Bosnia which became the attention of international focus due to the mass genocide and supposedly “safe area” of the United Nations during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Today, Srebrenica is one mass grave of the 8.000 killed Bosnian Muslims, a bloody stain on Bosnian history and is a Bosnian Guernica which the 20th century did not know about at first.

Lunch will be served in a local restaurant. Return in the late afternoon. Free evening.

Day 6

Day begins with a visit to beautiful springs of river Bosna. The whole area is one big park crisscrossed with waterways that are bridged together with bridges and paths for walking or cycling. In order to get there we will use horse driven carriages and pass through the 3, 5 km long great alley (tree line).

The tour continues with a visit to the highest and most isolated mountainous village in Bosnia and Herzegovina which is situated 1.500 m above sea level. The traditional medieval way of life of the Dinaric highlanders is still practiced here where women still wear traditional folk attire the same as they used to wear centuries ago.

Lunch will be organized in one of the mountain chalets. In the afternoon, return to Sarajevo. Free evening to enjoy the Sarajevo nights, to visit local bars or just walk around the city.

Day 7

Morning reserved for your free time. Check-out and departure.

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